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Kabir Grewal, a Casanovic film maker and screenwriter is making multiple films (GUNS Trilogy) based on a thief's life and robberies, all achieving high success. In order to shoot his third installment (GUNS 3), he goes to Malaysia, where he meets a London based film-maker Ayesha Aamir . Kabir and Ayesha get friendly and soon fall in love. When Ayesha gets to know about Kabir's casanova attitude, she breaks up with him and returns to London. Dejected Kabir goes into depression and returns back to Mumbai, leaving his film incomplete. After several failed trials Kabir couldn't find a perfect climax for his story. On his assistant Meera's suggestion Kabir goes to a film festival as part of the jury, where Ayesha's film is being screened. Ayesha, thought that Kabir is following her and asks him to stay away from her life. After his father's death and been sued by film financiers Kabir decides to move on and complete his film. In a parallel story, An infamous Roy is a mysterious international Art thief whom no country seems to be able to get their hands on, including detective Wadia. On his new assignment, Roy goes to an unknown foreign land to steal an expensive painting only to find that its owner is the beautiful Tia. Tia lives alone in a huge mansion where the painting is kept. Hence, Roy tries to befriend Tia in an art auction and soon impresses her with his charm. A chemistry sparks between the two and both start spending time together, giving Roy entry into the mansion. Seeking for the right opportunity, one night Roy runs away with the painting, leaving Tia heartbroken. Roy later regrets, as he has fallen in love with Tia and hence decides to return the painting to her. After a small clash with painting's new owner, Roy manages to get it back. On receiving the paintings Tia realises that Roy is now a changed man and forgives him. Meanwhile, Kabir's film "Guns 3" releases with huge success.
Most awaited movie of 2015 with such a beautiful songs has nothing interesting in story.Debutant director Vikramjit Singh has written story,screenplay.Direction of the movie is nice but story as well as screenplay both are below average.<br/><br/>Ranbir Kapoor as Roy is good.He is not as good as he was in his previous movies(except Besharam).His attitude is appreciable but in dialog delivery he failed in so many scenes.Arjun Rampal as Kabir Grewal is surprisingly good in every sequences and in some scenes he is better than Ranbir.Jacqueline Fernandez as Ayesha(a film maker) is better than as Tia(actress in Kabir&#39;s movie).Anupam Kher&#39;s cameo is good.<br/><br/>Story starts with Kabir Grewal(Arjun Rampal)&#39;s interview for his upcoming movie Guns Part III.Kabir Grewal is known for his movies which he makes on the life of thief called Roy.He heard in news that someone has stole the painting from Malasiya.So he decided to make his new movie on that robbery.He met Ayesha(Jacqueline Farnandez),a film maker there.Tia is actor in female in Kabir&#39;s movie opposite Roy(Ranbir Kapoor) is lookalike Ayesha.Because of spreading rumors about Kabir and Ayesha,Ayesha decided to keep distance from him.Kabir stops his movie.Accidentally Kabir&#39;s father (Anupam Kher) died.Kabir can&#39;t accept that and he wants to move on from all the things so he decides to start movie again.And this last part where the trilogy ends becomes the highest grosser in opening weekend.He went back to Ayesha to have her back.<br/><br/>Music of the movie is already #1 in chart buster especially the whistle in Tu Hai Ki Nahi.Director and editor has superb job in songs sequences.<br/><br/>Overall,just love the songs of the movie because movie has nothing more appreciable.Ranbir disappointed and Arjun stood ahead.I&#39;ll go with 1.5/10
A wastage of time. There&#39;s no story, no script, no direction. I&#39;ve run out of words after watching it, in awe. Why Ranbir Kapoor is on this film, have no idea whatsoever. Only two of the songs were nice, worth of listening. Jacqueline Fernandez looks good in both looks, i.e. Glamorous and Simple. There&#39;s no performance from none of the actors. No entertainment value for your money. A poor choice for directorial debut. What&#39;s the film exactly about have no idea. Haven&#39;t seen something as fuzzy and dreary as &#39;Roy&#39;. Ranbir looks like he was punished and forced to be in this movie. Did anyone who was attached to the film actually read the script before showing up on set?

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