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In the year 2054 A.D. crime is virtually eliminated from Washington D.C. thanks to an elite law enforcing squad "Precrime". They use three gifted humans (called "Pre-Cogs") with special powers to see into the future and predict crimes beforehand. John Anderton heads Precrime and believes the system's flawlessness steadfastly. However one day the Pre-Cogs predict that Anderton will commit a murder himself in the next 36 hours. Worse, Anderton doesn't even know the victim. He decides to get to the mystery's core by finding out the 'minority report' which means the prediction of the female Pre-Cog Agatha that "might" tell a different story and prove Anderton innocent.
It is the year 2054 - Washington D.C. - dreams can be recreated through computers, computer monitors and displays are transformed into holograms, and identification is done through eye-scanning. John Anderton lost his son, and to prevent horrible events from occurring to other individuals he joins a unit known as "Pre-Crime" - where murderers are arrested before they can commit the murder. How does Pre-Crime work? Through 3 people known as "precogs". They are 3 psychics used to see the future and they see murders exactly the way they will occur. Through advanced technology, Pre-Crime officers are able to see what the precogs see, and they analyze the data, identify the perpetrator and victim, and try their best to stop the murder from occurring. The perpetrator is put into a sleep state with a device called a "halo". John Anderton gets accused of murdering a man he has never even met, causing him to run from Pre-Crime and prove his innocence.
I won't say that this film is as good as Blade Runner -or that it will be considered a classic on the same level, but a case could be made for that. I will go as far as to say that it is as good or better than Total Recall, a movie I thoroughly enjoy. The special effects are, predictably, excellent. The action sequences are masterfully constructed, though obviously far-fetched at most times. They are also often laced with some comic relief which detracts a little from the overall believability, but I thought they were clever and were appreciated by the audience. The story had a few holes in it. There were a few times that the plot was furthered by some painfully unbelievable shortcomings of future technology. For a vague example, there are a couple scenes where even today's security systems at lower level institutions would have cut this story short. Oh well, it didn't ruin anything for me. Great eye candy. Fun story. Capable acting performances.
I was quiet amazed at the plot line. Have not seen anything like it, very original. I would of given it a perfect 10, but then who really gives ten's….. There could always be something better in the future. Till then, enjoy this movie!
Spielberg's sharpest, brawniest, most bustling entertainment since "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and the finest of the season's action epics.
Philharmoniker (as Wiener Philharmoniker) Courtesy of Deutsche
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